CAMP provides you with dedicated experience consulting services

Customer experience consulting is a dedicated service that CAMP designed for important customers; it is different from the internet’s traditional single-direction enterprise service consulting. We will personally go on-site to each enterprises to display and give full explanations, allowing the decision-maker of the enterprise to have in-depth understanding of the enterprise value that the CAMP application management platform can bring.

We will use actual business application cases as examples and try to allow you to understand through the guidance of professional consultants: includes issues such as creating a cloud, the hardware cloud, and other hot cloud topics. During the process, professional consultants will be available to discuss the value that these solutions can bring for the enterprise.


Anyone from any industry who is interested in experiencing cloud services and grasping cloud business opportunities.


The customer experience consulting includes 2.5 hours of explanation, display and discussion; professional consultants will also be available for professional consulting. If you want to apply to participate in the CAMP customer experience consulting, please fill out the form below; a specialist will contact you and arrange the visiting time!

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