CAMP attaches great importance to the privacy of members and follow the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act ", so the development of the Privacy Policy, you can refer to the following Privacy Policy.

Security of personal information

Protect members' personal privacy is an the CAMP important business philosophy, without member consent, we will never share member's personal information provided to any third party service has nothing to do with the shopping site. Member network passwords and personal information should be properly confidential any personal information, especially network password to anyone. CAMP website service functions is used, be sure to remember to sign out of your account, if a computer is shared with others, or use the public computer, remember to close the browser window.

Use of personal data

CAMP website personal information only for CAMP its internal use in accordance with the original description of the purpose and scope, except with the prior instructions, or in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, otherwise CAMP will not information provided to a third person, or used for other purposes other purposes. The purpose of the use is exemplified as follows: use the services provided by the CAMP membership, the member is automatically displayed on the page information. Carries out a member of the trading behavior of the goods or services for an appointment, subscript, buy, participate in the giveaway activities or engage in other transactions, commodity distribution, labor services provided, the price of gold payments, respond to customers inquiries, CAMP member of the inquiry related aftermarket and carry out exchange necessary business. Advertisements or marketing member of various electronic magazines and other information related to the information and services provided through e-mail, e-mail, telephone. Member browsing content or advertising, depending on the customer's personal property or purchase records CAMP website browsing history project, personalized job, membership services analysis, the development of new services or the improvement of existing services. Opinion polls, activities, message boards, etc., or other service related matters, with members to contact. Answering customer inquiries for membership via e-mail, mail, fax, phone, or any other direct or indirect contact way to CAMP proposed inquiry reply. Other business incidental matters: accompanying the utilization of 1 to 4. Purpose for CAMP to provide the services necessary for the use of information provided for individual services provided by members of the goods or services of the service provider for the appointment, under standard, to buy, when to participate in the prize activities or apply for other transactions, CAMP necessary within the exchange, was the members' personal data files provided to the service provider, and the service provider is responsible for managing the personal data files. The CAMP will Statute lesson I the service provider Zheyi protection of its members to privacy principle to deal with the obligations of the personal information, but can not guarantee that the service provider will be bound to comply with. Details, Please refer to each individual service provider contact. Other individual services may also be in other than the purpose of the above provisions, the use of personal information. At this point in the individual service's website stated the gist.

Data Security

In order to protect the privacy and security of the Member CAMP Member Account information will be protected with a password. CAMP reasonable technology and procedures and make every effort to safeguard the security of all personal information.

Queries or corrections of personal information

Member inquiries and viewing their personal data, made ​​to the copy of this supplement or correct, stop the processing and use of computer, delete demand, you can contact the customer service center, CAMP will be processed quickly.


In order to facilitate the use by members, CAMP site will use cookie technology in order to provide the services required by the Member; cookie web server for communication and Member browser technology, it may be stored in the member's computer randomly string,used to identify the difference between the user, if the Member Close cookie may be unable to successfully log on the website, or inability to use the shopping cart status.

Privacy policy amendments

With the change of the market environment, the Company will be amended from time to time to the site policy. Member CAMP Website Privacy Statement, or in relation to the personal data related matters have any questions, you can contact by e-mail, and CAMP call center.