Welcome to the website of the the "CAMP cloud application platform, your own personal privacy, the platform absolutely respected and protected. In order to assist in understanding how we collect, application and protection you provide personal information, and the platform to provide security protection measures, please read the following information:
First. The platform Privacy Policy
Collection of personal information
  1.  The personal information collected in the browsing behavior of the platform, the platform does not collect any personal information.
  2. For login before the use of a particular query or download behavior or login become a member of the platform due to the service needs will require you to provide personal information, using the platform provided by the online query, analysis and input services the platform will ask you to provide basic personal information and unit information and account number, password, registered membership, you can use the platform above. The web server platform stored records.
Data use:
  1. Purposes only lies within the platform for the total traffic and online behavior analysis, and conducive to enhancing the quality of the services of this website, not individual users.
  2. this platform to protect the privacy of the applicants are, not your consent will not modify or delete personal information and files of any Internet populace. May do so only unless your prior consent or comply with the following:
    (1).By any lawful means.
    (2).protection or defense-related Internet public rights or ownership.
    (3). In order to protect the interests of all relevant units of this website.
  3. The platform will not be any sale, exchange, or rent your personal information to other organizations, individuals or private companies. However, the following cases, the platform will in accordance with the provisions except:
    (1).with the judicial authorities of a legitimate investigation.
    (2).with the relevant authorities in accordance with operational needs for investigation or use.
    (3).Disclosure is required by law, or to maintain and improve the website services for managing based on goodwill.
  1. Every time the connection is completed, you must log out of the account to use to protect the personal account would not have been the abuse of others. Conduct of its members should follow the domestic and foreign legal norms, and account for the individual belongs, password Republic take full responsibility.
Personal obligations:                     
  1. your password, misappropriation or account or any other security issues, please immediately to e-mail or via the contact window notification, the platform will be taken in the range of possible measures.                                 
  2. If you provide any incorrect or false information, the platform shall have the right to refuse all or part of the account to use website services.                     
Second、The platform website security policy
  1. Prohibit any unauthorized attempt to undermine the confidentiality, integrity and use of this website. Offenders shall be handed over to the authorities. For site security purposes and to ensure continuity of service, the platform in accordance with the following measures to do its utmost to:
    (1).the platform to provide a secure and reliable network / hardware and software infrastructure, to ensure a high degree of quality and stability of the platform services, intrusion prevention system, found misconduct will be first block.
    (2).the platform to build a firewall system, strict controls on Internet service protocol. And application firewall protection to guard against system attacks.
    (3).the the the platform installed antivirus system to provide users with the safe use of the platform of the environment.
    (4).Platform data backup Preparation assistance hosts.
    (5).the platform automatically update system patches, to prevent misconduct and to protect the site security.
 If you have any comments on our security statement and privacy policy, please contact with the platform.
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