NEBULA 前往開發者專區

Cloud Service Creation Platform.

Enjoy vertically integrated CAMP resources; quickly create professional cloud application software.

Quickly deployment of cloud services

Developed SaaS cloud services can be deployed with one button through the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 deployment tool or by going to the NEBULA Developer Area.



Cross cloud-platform deployment mechanism

Flexible cross cloud-platform deployment mechanism allows the SaaS service to be deployed and operated on any platform with NEBULA installed.

結合IaaS-Combined with IaaS-NIMBUS guarantees steady service

The operation of NEBULA and NIMBUS is closely combined; NIMBUS activates the Auto-Scaling mechanism and generates new VM for overloaded SaaS, and NEBULA automatically deploys SaaS cloud services to the new VM and provides services immediately in order to guarantee the reliability and stability of cloud services.


Want to become a developer?

Quick starting, easy executing development technology modules; create new enterprise software services.

Customer Experience Consulting

We will personally go on-site to each enterprise to display and give full explanations, allowing the decision-maker of the enterprise to have in-depth understanding of the enterprise value that the CAMP application management platform can bring.