Key features and technologies of NIMBUS

.One cloud, two interfaces
. Fully automated distribution of cloud resources
.Dynamic resource deployment; able to effectively increase hardware resource usage rate.
.Provides 7*24-hour monitoring and alarm services, allowing you to receive a warning from any resource or about performance at any time.
.Green energy, love the earth: Conserve energy, lowering carbon emission.

Automatic expansion of cloud resources

In order to allow users to have more flexible usage of virtual resources, NIMBUS imitated the natural water cycle concept and provided the Auto-Scaling service, allowing the user’s virtual resource to automatically be added or removed according to the conditions specified by the user, and it can be effectvely recycled.



Easier IDC management

Allows cloud IDC administrators to grasp the status of the IDC through a highly interactive interface.
Provides rich reports so that the status of the IDC resources are crisp clear.
Virtual machine operation and performance monitoring at all times.

Cloud resource self-controlling interface

Aggregated overview; grasp important information of cloud resources immediately
Self virtual machine regulation
Virtual machine performance report
Records of user operated task operations and status
Virtual machine templates, load-balancing and firewall functions


Want to try it out immediately?

Try out cloud virtual IDC immediately if you want to lower cost and quickly construct resources you need.

Customer Experience Consulting

We will personally go on-site to each enterprise to display and give full explanations, allowing the decision-maker of the enterprise to have in-depth understanding of the enterprise value that the CAMP application management platform can bring.